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31st July 2019

Inspiration 62

Inspiration: IMPACT Building Swansea University
Product: Linear Rib

IMPACT Building, Swansea University. AHR Architects (July 2019) Photography by Kenton Simons

Linear Wall and Ceiling Ribs

Faux White-Washed Oak Foil Wrapped Ribs
38mm wide x 25mm deep at 60mm c/c

300m2 4500lm


4500 linear metres, roughly 300m2, of linear ribs in elegant cool toned white washed Oak effect foil were installed to the atrium corridors and break-out spaces at the new £35m IMPACT Engineering building at Swansea University.


AHR Architects worked alongside university professionals and academics to create a working environment that would be 'excellent and inspirational' for staff, students, researchers, and other visitors. The building houses 80 private offices as well as research hub space and 1,600m2of open plan lab space and multi-use space for industrial and academic collaboration.




The use of linear ribs in the atrium corridor and break-out spaces gives some acoustic control to the spaces, dampening noise reverberation to create a calm and quiet space for working and socialising.


Faux timber foil wrapping is a great alternative to natural timber veneer. The finish is consistent across the entire installation without any natural colour deviation and can be sourced in a range of standard, premium and bespoke patterns to suit any installation. Foil wrapped ribs can also be more hardwearing in high-traffic areas and are less susceptible to changes in colour from exposure to UV light.



Many thanks to our friends at AHR for their kind specification and excellent design and M & P Contractors for their expert installation, we look forward to working on schemes with you in the near future.

If this inspires you for one of your projects we would love to hear from you!

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