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20th September 2019

Inspiration 63

Inspiration: Yorkshire Events Centre
Manufacturer: Oranit

Shiluvit Ceiling Panels

7-501A Format

PEFC Certified Yellow Pine

Custom Red Cedar Stain

Inset Lighting and Ventilation Grilles

Matching Loose Framing Slats


224 pcs 1800mm x 600mm

22 pcs 2400mm x 600mm


Yorkshire Event Centre, Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate. P+HS Architects (November 2018) Photography by Paul White Photography


275m2 of Shuluvit panels in 7-501A format (20mm x 45mm blades with 40mm gaps) in a custom Western Red Cedar effect stain were installed to the ceilings of the entrance lobby of Hall 1 at the Yorkshire Event Centre. The £11m purpose built event centre at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate is a grand new addition to the existing facilities.


The Great Yorkshire showground hosts a variety of trade and consumer exhibitions as well as awards ceremonies, dinners, corporate events and much more. Hall 1 alone can hold up to 3,000 seated attendees and additionally use the foyer as a reception space.



The show-stopping wrap around Oranit ceiling in the entrance foyer of the event centre serves a dual purpose, providing a focal point to the space that is timeless and versitile enough to suit any function being held and delivering crucial Class A acoustic performance.


The choice to use a stained Pine instead of natural Red Cedar for Oranit panels comes with a few benefits; appearance, performance, and cost. In addition to being a cost effective timber species, all Pine sourced and processed by Oranit is PEFC certified as sustainably sourced and ethically controlled throughout the manufacturing and sales chain of custody. 


By using a stain on the pine, the client is able to not only mimic their desired timber species but also the shade and effect they want from that species which might not be achievable with natural timber alone. Pine also has a clear and dramatic natural wood grain structure making it perfect for presenting stains and texture on ceilings which might otherwise be unclear from a distance.





Many thanks to our friends at P+HS for their kind specification and excellent design, we look forward to working on schemes with you in the near future.

Oranit is available in the UK only through LSA Projects Ltd.

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