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11th April 2019

Inspiration 60

Inspiration: Lessen Fabric Acoustic Panels
Manufacturer: Vertisol

Vertisol Lessen Hexagonal, Square and Rectangular Wall Panels (2019)

Fabric Acoustic Panels for Walls and Ceilings   

Vertisol, Barcelona ES

Fire: B,s3-d0
Acoustics: Class A
Environment: >40% Recycled


LSA Projects Ltd are delighted to share with you the lastest supplier to be added to our portfolio: Vertisol of Barcelona, Spain and their acoustic panel system 'Lessen'.

Lessen panels complete the range of acoustic products supplied by LSA; adding a stylish and contemporary fabric finish to our existing range of timber and metal products. Vertisol are an ideal addition to our supplier list, meeting our high expectations for resistance to fire, acoustic control, environmental credentials, and the in-house design and manufacture process we look for in all of our suppliers.


The design and technical attention to detail of the Lessen panel range covers all bases in terms of modern product specification and building and design requirements. Lessen panels come with full acoustic and fire resistance testing to international standards in addition to excellent results for emissions testing, abrasion resistance, and colour fastness tests.



The Essential vinyl mix fabric is an intelligent compromise between the soft feel and appearance of a traditional fabric and a hard-wearing plastic surface. The non-fraying vinyl-mix also allows for on-site panel modification, incorporating functioning elements such as plug outlets and switches or TVs by cutting directly through the body of the panel.


lessen shapes


Bridging the gap between function and design, Lessen panels come in a choice of 5 different shapes each with various size options up to 240cm as well as the option for custom shapes and sizes. The versatile installation options available from Vertisol allow for independent and multi-panel installations for both walls and ceilings; allowing for regular and linear jointed multi-panel groups as well as random and creative individual panel placement. The option for magnetic or Velcro fixings allows for further versatility and customisation of installation.

We are delighted to have added Lessen by Vertisol to our portfolio and look forward to bringing them to the UK market; get in touch with us now for more information, pricing, or to arrange a meeting to discuss your upcoming project needs.

Vertisol Lessen is available in the UK only through LSA Projects Ltd.

If this inspires you for one of your projects we would love to hear from you!

Please follow the link on the right to download the Vertisol Lessen brochure.

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