DURLUM metal ceilings are a board and versitile range of high quality metal, panel based ceilings, each with co-ordinated integrated lighting systems for cohesive ceiling designs.

Each product is designed with longevity and durability in mind ans achieves this whilst maintaining great aesthetics for almost any sector from industrial to education.

POLYLAM ® POLYLAM - POLYLAM is a baffle style ceiling system designed with numerous lighting options including the integration of lights onto the underside of the baffle, this style can also be perforated for additional acoustic control.

TUMEO-R ® TUMEO-R - This product is comprised of suspended cylinders in various standard sizes and also includes LUMEO ® LUMEO lighting elements in the same style.

LOOP ® LOOP - LOOP is a panel based product that gives the illusion of a seemless solution, it has a simple and effective bubble design.

DOMUS ® DOMUS - This versitile concave and convex ceiling panel system allows designers and installers to create a range of demountable curved ceiling patterns with added acoustic control and simple integration of lighting and sprinkler elements.

FLUID® FLUID-C - FLUID-C and FLUID-L are module based designs, FLUID-C is designed in circular modules for installation with TUMEO-R lighting elements and FLUID-L has a soft curve design that allows for inset spotlights. The FLUID range from DURLUM also allows for customisation of patterns, colours and LED integration.

RHOMBUS & EXPANDED METAL rhombus thumb - The RHOMBUS expended metal ceiling range is the core product in the Durlum portfolio; the simplicity of the design and numerous standard variations available for acoustics, finishes, and installation styles leaves great opportunities for creative and functional installations in any space.

dur-GRAPHICS DUR-GRAPHICS - Each of the products above are able to be printed with a range of designs, including wood textures, text and the client's choice of photographic design.

LSA Projects Ltd are the sole UK and Ireland distributors of Durlum Character.

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