AKMA Acoustic Panels

AKMA Acoustic is a range of stone wool cored panels for installation on walls and ceilings as well as for production as desk and room dividers.

There are a number of standard fixing details available for mounting AKMA panels, including suspension cables and magnets; giving the best options for installation in any space.

Each product in the range provides excellent acoustic control for frequencies between 125 and 2000 Hz, achieving up to Class A in some formations.

All product types are available in standard and custom sizes between 40cm by 40cm and 240cm by 120cm.

AKMA Basic AKMA Basic - AKMA Basic is a stone wool based acoustic panel framed in either white or silver aluminium, it comes in a large range of colours as well as the option to add perforations or add a layer of veneer or metal grid to the visable side.

AKMA Fabric AKMA Fabric - AKMA Fabric has the same core material as the Basic panels with the addition of Camira fabric to the visible side.

AKMA Dividers AKMA Dividers - AKMA Dividers are constructed of two sides of either AKMA Fabric or AKMA Acoustic Art panels with the option of desk clips, metal feet or casters.

AKMA Plus + AKMA Plus + - AKMA Plus + panels are designed with an impact resistant core and frame and are suitable for use in sport facilities, they are finished with Camira fabric.

AKMA Acoustic Art AKMA Acoustic Art - AKMA Acoustic Art panels share the same core material and frame as AKMA Fabric but have a digitally printed (non flammable) polyester covering to the visible side.



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